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Where did ice-cream originated???

Fifty years ago people ate ice cream only in the summer.Now its eaten all the year round. It was originated in the orient.,Centuries before English school boys first tested ice corners and wafers

The explorer , Marco Polo , saw people eating it there and brought back the idea to Italy.From Italy , the idea was carried to France .It became very popular in France . With the nobility an effort was made to keep the recipes for ice cream a secret from the common people . But , of course they soon learned how delicious this new food was and ice cream became very popular with everyone. Soon it spread all over the world including India

The first wholesale factory for manufacture of ice cream was started in Baltimore , Maryland in 1851. The real development of ice-cream and the ice-cream business didn't take place until after 1900 with new development  of refrigerators

The basis of all ice creams is cream,milk or milk solid , sugar , and occasionally eggs. Vanilla ,chocolates ,berries ,fruits, ingredients and nuts are added as flavors

When you eat one third of pint of vanilla ice cream , you are getting about as much calcium ,protein ,vitamin B as are in one half cup of whole milk and as much vitamin A and calories as in one cup of milk !!!

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