Friday, 16 March 2012

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Moulana is renowned orator throughout the world , He has sacrificed all of his life for Dawah,
He is well praised for his extraordinary skills to express the things in right way.
Basically from Pakistan,But has toured to all six continents ,... 
Moulana  is a renowned Islamic scholar (Aalim), prolific orator (Khateeb), erudite author (Musannif) and selfless caller (Da'ee) to Islam. His work for the cause has been characterized by novelty and clarity of thought, and free from all types of narrow-mindedness and other such hindrances. 

Moulana is one of the greatest reformer of the century , He has many revolutionary services for this ummah. He has written 100s of books , Translated in many languages . He received King Faisal Award.

 Moulana is very famous in Tablig Reforms . He had delivered many talks in Ijtima's ,
He is from India.

Moulana is Imam of Bhatkal jama masjid .
Hazrat is also the principle of Jamia Islamia Bhatkal.

(6) Moulana Makki Al-Hijazi(DB)
 Moulana is Muddaris at Haram. He is basically from pakistan but migrated to Saudi arabia
He is famous for his durus on Seerah of Prophet (Pbuh) and Qassas al ambiyah .

 A celebrated orator, Debater of Islam and comparative religion. He has played many historical debates with Non Muslim scholars on varies issues. He is also receiver of King Faisal Award for his service to Ummah

Very well known around the globe for his life changing speeches that have affected many around the world. He is heavly involved in the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaat.

 Very famous orator from Hyderabad ,India.Known for his spiritual lectures .He is one of the active member of Reformation Work -Dawah.

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