Saturday, 24 March 2012

7 Strange Question & Their Answers !!

Abu Abdullaah Al Qurshi (R.A) narrates that a person traveled seven hundred miles to ask a learned scholar seven questions viz.

1. What is heavier than the skies?

2. What is wider than the earth?

3. What is harder than a stone?

4. What burns more than fire?

5. What is colder than Zamhareer (a cold area of

6. What is deeper than the oceans?

7. What is weaker than an orphan, yet more deadly
than poison?

The replies were:

1. Slandering the chaste person is heavier than the

2. The truth is wider than the earth.

3. The disbeliever's heart is harder than a stone.

4. Greed burns more than fire.

5. To be refused a request by a relative is colder than

6. A content heart (of a patient person) is deeper than
the oceans.

7. When the fabrication of a tale is exposed, it is more
deadly than poison and the tale carrier then became
weaker than an orphan and is humiliated.

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