Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Death - The Reminder

Rasulullaah(s)has mentioned,
"If the animals knew what you know of death, you will
never be blessed with the opportunity of eating hearty

 Hadhrat Haamid (r)says that
person who abundantly remembers death will be honoured with
three bounties.
(1) He will quickly receive the inspiration to repent.
(2) He will be content with whatever he receives.
(3) He will be resolute in his

the other hand, the person who does forget death will suffer three punishments.
(1) He will not be inspired to repent quickly.
(2) He will not be content with what he has.
(3) He will be lazy to worship.

When someone asked Rasulullaah (s)
who the best person was,

replied, "The one who has the best character."
it was asked
as to who the most intelligent person was,

the reply was
, "The person who remembers death the most and
prepares for it."

Source _ Tanbihul Ghafileen

May Allah Give us “Taufeeq “ to prepare for Death and Herearter.

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