Saturday, 19 May 2012


This Ummah came into existence after lot of struggle. To make it an Ummah, Rasool (S) and his companions (R) have undergone great hardships. While their enemies, Yahood and Nasara, always tried that the Muslim may not remain an Ummah, rather be splitted into factions. Now the Muslims have lost their Ummah-hood'.
As long as they were one Ummah,
a few hundred thousand of them fell heavy upon the whole world. There was not even a single cemented house. Even the Masjid was not cemented. No lamp was lit in the Masjid of Rasool(S). The first lamp was lit in the Masjid of Rasool (S) in the ninth year of Hijrah. The first man to light up a lamp in the Masjid of the Rasool SAW was Tameem Dari (R), who embraced Islam in the ninth year of Hijrah. But by that time almost the whole Arab had entered into the fold of Islam. Different nations, different languages and different clans had become an Ummah. When all this had happened then only the first lamp was lit in the Masjid of the Rasool SAW. The light of hidayah which the Rasool SAW bought with him had spread all over the Arab and even beyond it and the Ummah had come into existence. This Ummah then rose in the world and in whatever
Direction it proceeded, countries after countries fell at their feet. This Ummah was formed such that not a single person in it was siding with his family, his community, his party, his nation, his country or his language, No one gave importance to his wealth, property, wife and children, rather everyone was concerned about the sayings of Allah and His Rasool (S). An Ummah comes into existence only when all the relations and acquaintances are curtailed in case they come in the way of compliance to the orders of Allah and His Rasool SAW. When the Muslims were an Ummah, the whole Ummah was shaken if a single Muslim was killed anywhere. Now thousands and thousands are massacred but no heed is paid.................READ MORE

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